A brief stint in editorial allowed me to dream up design stories and cover events around the world such as the Venice Biennale and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. I contributed to Dwell for a number of years and here were some of my favorite pieces:

Finnish Lines (Dwell, June 2012)Design enthusiast and Alvar Aalto expert Juhani Lemmetti has transitioned his love of vintage Finnish furniture into a thriving furniture shop in Helsinki.
Womens et Womanus (Dwell, January 2011)Meet three women who are helping keep MIT’s architecture program—America’s first—at the forefront of design innovation.
Digital Service Design: Lessons from the Cloud (Touchpoint Magazine, March 2011)The cloud might be a little scary: it’s invisible, all-consuming and, scariest of all, it’s telling you that your business needs to change. There are nuances of Service Design within the digital realm that might not be discernible to the unaided eye. Through years of experience helping clients who have a strong foot in the physical world to enhance their offer with digital services, we’ve discovered some lessons that you may want to know before you start flying.


A Pilgrimage to Zumthor's Chapel (Dwell.com, Oct 2010)

"I recently made a Peter Zumthor pilgrimage to Switzerland, where many of his seminal works sit within a 40 mile radius one another in the northeastern part of the country. An architectural journey surely not for the faint of heart, it took a day's harrowing drive through the northern Alps with steep cliffs and crazy European drivers, but in the end, it was well worth it."

Venice Biennale: Arsenale (Dwell.com, August 2010)

"I was once told, "If you ever go to the Venice Biennale, you will see all of the architecture that the world will be seeing for the next two years." So here I am, at the opening of the 2010 Biennale, drinking in two years' worth of architectural innovations and provocations and storing it for the future." 

Living on Water: Floating Villages in Cambodia (Dwell.com, February 2010) 

"During my jaunt to Cambodia last month, I had the chance to see a multitude of informal building in both urban and rural areas of the country. We dashed off in tuk-tuks, motorbikes, and boats to explore the legendary floating villages on Cambodia’s Tonle Sap lake." 

"I Live in an Alvar Aalto" (Dwell.com, September 2009) 

"Thrusting its sinuous brick curves towards the Charles River, Baker House is one of only two Alvar Aalto works on this side of the Atlantic. As school gets underway, 300 students every year at MIT have the chance to sleep, eat, study, and play within the walls of this mid-century modernist masterpiece."